About us

Welcome to the most fun you will ever have! CraftSquared is a hands on experience where you get to make a craft in a group setting while enjoying delicious San Diego craft beer!

In today’s world where everything runs so fast it is so relaxing to sit down and focus on making something with your own hands. At the end you will leave with an amazing feeling of satisfaction, new friends and hopefully a good buzz! Cheers!

How does it work?

Prepare for a fun night filled with unleashing your creativity while enjoying delicious San Diego craft beer! We will teach you how to make a cool craft and will provide you with the materials, instructions and your first beer! You get to relax, get a buzz while creating something you will be proud of showing off. Is there anything better than that? 🙂


Sign up for a public workshop or schedule a private one.

Bring friends

Tell your family, colleagues, neighbors, your latest bumble catch, your uber driver and everybody else!

Arrive on time

Plan ahead and we will all thank you for being awesome!

But I’m not crafty..

We are ALL crafty! but we do understand that sometimes it is hard to get the creative juices flowing. No need to worry because that’s what the beer is for! It will relax you and stop the overthinking so your crafty inner self can come out and party! So just bring your thirst, your positive attitude and your will to have fun!

Book us for a private event!

We host birthday parties, bachelorette bashes, team building workshops, corporate events and more! We can book a venue of your liking or host it at your own space. We will plan the whole event from start to finish so you won’t have to worry about the set up, clean up and supplies, we got it all ready so you can just show up and have fun!

“People say positive things ab­­­­out the stuff they bought, but they don’t usually express gratitude for it—or they don’t express it as often as they do for their experiences.” Thomas Gilovich, PH.D

Professor of Psychology at Cornell University